You have to lose something to get something

You have to lose something to get something

The bitter truth of our life, if we have to get something, then we have to lose something.

 By the way let me talk, before that I want to tell a little thing.

You must trust yourself. You’re very intelligent. You can do whatever you want by trusting yourself.

Why do I know that you watch Motivational videos, stories, speeches, every day? Every day you hear someone or something. This habit of yours will work. Why are there all the motivational videos, speeches, summaries, and stories on the internet? And you see or hear it.

It means, there is a hunger for success in you. There is a hunger for something new. That’s why you see or hear Motivational things.


Whether you are at any stage in your life, if you have to do something big, or if you are thinking about something big, then, believe me, you will have to do a small sacrifice for that big achievement. This is the law of nature, that when you do not give him anything, he will not give you anything. So you have to give something. In this, you do not have to think that you will have to do a lot of sacrificial action. You have to do that little sacrificial, which prevents you from moving forward. The same thing is applied in very different places.

For example

That you study now So you have to stay away from mobile, from games, from your TV cartoons.

Must have heard a story,

 Cannot do two on the river by boat.

Likewise, you can never move forward with two things. If you want to become a good student in your class, then you have to give up these things. If you do a job, then 10-08 hours of every day of your life will have to be sacrificed.

It is applied everywhere. And if you are thinking this, I will do business, the same happens in business. You have to give your time there, you can call him a sacrifice somewhere.

You also have to stay away from your family for a short time. Whatever your wish will also have to be reduced. Very few will have to be sacrificed. Only then you will be able to better your life. But people make mistakes on this.

fear of losing

For fear of losing, many people do not take the risk of doing something big in their life. There is a much better opportunity in our life. With which we can grow very much in our life. But we are, staying in our comfort zone and sitting comfortably. And don’t want to lose that comfort zone. If you do the right thing, or do something wrong, you will have to miss something from your life. There is absolutely no way that you can get everything together. And this is the most bitter truth, to date, nobody has got everything.

think yourself

 Think to yourself that many people want to go for the morning walk, but we do not want to leave the sweet morning sweet sleep. And the same desire remains as a desire.

Which never happens in reality. And at the same place, you want to earn a lot of money, do a lot of work. And don’t want to give your time to get it. Just keep looking for shortcuts somewhere. And he wishes you more money, dreams of doing big things remain just a dream.

You should understand these things as soon as possible. Because it is a principle of life. If you want to get something here, you will have to lose something. You must make your life better, to grow in your life, whatever you need to do, whatever you have to give, get ready for it.

Be prepared for whatever you have to lose for your success. Because unless you do not put even a small thing, you will not get even a small thing. Understand these things as soon as possible. And when you go ahead and look back in life, you will see that I have missed something in life. But whatever I have achieved is far ahead of my thinking. Whatever you have to do, for your success, for your dream, do those things. And then see how change is in your life.

Best of luck for your life, for your dreams.

Thank you, for the whole study.

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