Best WRITING SKILLS Tips You Will Read This Year (2023)

In this article, you will learn the best writing skills tips ever. I guarantee you will become a good writer if you study well. It is for all people from beginners to advanced levels.

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In any piece of writing, the construction of the sentence constitutes the basic unit. English is a language in which the order of the words is extremely important in conveying meaning. A simple example can e illustrate this: 

  • Soma tells only lies. 
  • Only Soma tells lies. 
  • Soma only tells lies. 
  • Soma tells lies only. 

Clearly, each of these sentences means something slightly different. While the Classic examples of the incorrect placing of words in sentences may seem to be exercised in humor, many writers suffer from this common problem.

Rewrite The Following Sentences To Make The Intended Meaning Clear: 

  • We saw the swimming pool in which the famous actor had drowned more than once. 
  • He is both handsome and very intelligent. 
  • The best way to avoid such absurdities is to place the relevant words close to each other. 

Limiting modifiers such as only, even, almost, just, and nearly should be placed close to, usually in front of, the word they are limiting: 


 You will only need to take the medicine once a day. 


 You will need to take the medicine only once a day.  

Rewrite The Sentences To Form Better Sentences: 

Ritu almost ate the whole chicken. We were disappointed that Brazil did not even score once. 

The Same Rule Applies To Phrases And Clauses: 


The farmer won a prize for growing the best tomatoes, with the mustache. 

Rewrite by placing the phrase in the proper place. 

Apart From Sounding Absurd, The Incorrect Placing Of Phrases And Clauses Can Lead To An Ambiguity In Meaning.  writing skills


We promised when his exams were over that we would all go out for dinner. 

This sentence could either mean: 

  • We promised him that we would all go out for dinner when his exams were over. 
  • When his exams were over, we promised to all go out for dinner.  

Rewrite The Following Sentences: 

  • On his deathbed, he vowed never to marry again.
  • I told the children when the movie was over to go to bed. 
  • Shortly after being seated at the corner table, a waiter approached our table with a smile. 

The word order of a sentence also determines the relative importance given to the ideas in it. Rewriting Sentences Can Help The Reader To Focus On The Most Significant Part Of The Sentence.  writing skills

Example: On death and dying was written by Abhijit Gupta and it describes the experiences of terminally ill patients. 

Revised: On death and dying, written by Abhijit Gupta, describes the experiences of terminally ill patients. 

What sense does the revised sentence convey? 

Rewrite the following sentences to emphasize the important idea: 

  • We went to see a movie and to my dismay, we had to pay rupees 100 each for a ticket. 
  • I was driving home, late at night, when my car suddenly stalled.

In some cases, it may be more effective to combine two or more sentences to emphasize a particular part or idea: 

  • India won the one-day match against South Africa. The captain made a century. 

Rewrite this sentence to emphasize the role of the captain. 

While it is wise to avoid wordy and inelegant sentences, a series of short, simple sentences are not always the most effective way of communicating ideas. Usually, a series of short sentences can be combined in a way that makes for easy reading, while focusing the reader’s attention on what is important.  writing skills

Example: The huts vary in height. They are made of mud and thatch, they are very hardy. 

Revised: The huts, made of mud and thatch, and varied in height, are very hardy. 

Rewrite: The Biryani House is located in a small lane off the main road. It does not look very impressive. The food, however,  is excellent. 

It is found that readers (and listeners) usually pay the most attention to the end or the beginning of a sentence. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the important information either at the start or at the end.  writing skills

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PUNCTUATION (Indebted To Eats, Shoots, And Leaves (2004) By Lynne Truss) 

The Importance Of Proper Punctuation Cannot Be Stressed Enough. 


  • A woman, without her man, is nothing. 
  • A woman, without her, man is nothing. 

Read the following letters: 

Dear Jack, 

I want a man who knows what love is, you are generous, kind, and thoughtful. Admit that people who are not like you are worthless and inferior. You ruined me for another man. I yearn for you. I have no feelings when we were apart. I can be happy forever–will you let me be yours?

Dear Jack, 

I want a man who knows what love is. All about you are generous, kind, thoughtful people who are not like you. Admit that you are worthless and inferior. you ruined me I yearn for other men! I have no feelings for you. I can be happy forever when we are apart.


 While all mistakes might not be so devastating, there are some common confusions regarding the use of the comma.

 For example: 

  •  He was a tall,  bearded man
  •  It was an endangered white rhino.

 Comma splice: using a comma to join two sentences is a common mistake: 

  •  It was  Ananya’s birthday yesterday, she got a lot of presents.


  • Ananya walked on her head, a little higher than usual.
  • The driver managed to escape from the vehicle before it sank and swam to the bank of the river.
  • Don’t guess, use a timer or a watch.
  • The convict said the judge is mad.

 THE APOSTROPHE writing skills


  •  To indicate a  possessive of a noun
  •  To indicate time or quantity
  •  To indicate omission of figures in dates
  •  To indicate omission of letters in words
  •  To indicate the plural of letters or words


  •  The women’s movement demanded that the issue be raised in parliament.
  •  Giant kids playground ahead.
  •  This is the members’ entrance.
  •  The children’s playground is well maintained. 
  •  It’s going to be cold tonight.
  •  The university is celebrating its golden jubilee next year.
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PARAGRAPHS __ writing skills

 The construction and arrangement of paragraphs are important, but often neglected, aspects of good, clear writing. We all know that a paragraph is supposed to deal with a single point, and we should begin a new paragraph when we begin a new point. Unfortunately, either this sounds simpler than it actually is, or we seem to ignore its importance when we write.

  •  A paragraph should be a unified group of sentences, focused on the main point.
  •  The main point should be clearly stated in a topic sentence.
  •  All the other sentences in the paragraph should relate to the topic sentence.


Write A Paragraph On Any One Of The Following: writing skills

 Representation of girls in textbooks/ the turning point of a cricket match/ helping old people

 underline the topic sentences:

The arrangement of information within a paragraph often depends on the function of the paragraph in a piece of writing.  While the above points are to be generally followed, in newspapers, advertising copy or other specialized forms of writing the conventions may vary. writing skills

 The following is taken from a newspaper report:

Fighting raged today in the Nigerian city of Kaduna, Where over 100 people have died in three days of rights stoked by Muslim Fury over the country’s Staging of next month’s Miss World contest.

The Nigerian Red Cross gave a figure of at least 105 killed by this morning, And witnesses spoke of more killings by civilians and security forces since then.

More than 90 Miss World contestants, who arrived in Nigeria on November 10 despite the raging controversy, were confined to their hotel in Abuja. The tension spread to Abuja by today after an unexplained stampede among Muslims leaving a mosque. There were, however, no reports of actual violence.

Typically paragraphs in newspaper reports are short. writing follows an ” Inverted Triangle” pattern, the important facts are given at the beginning and the details and explanation follow. In an essay, the facts are marshaled together in order to reach a convincing conclusion.

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